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How To Start Self Service Laundry?

I am interested in opening a self-service 24 hour laundromat, how do I start?

It is very easy, see as below, 

Step 1 : Secure a shop lot

Step 2: Let us know your requirements.

Step 3 : Our workers will start the renovation as soon as possible once approval is in place. Complete approx within 6 to 12 weeks.

What service do your company provide?
I am interested and how soon can I start? How's the schedule?
Can you recommend a good location for me? 

Self Service Coin Equipment Questions

How Many Washer and Dryer Do I Actually Need? 

The ideal number of machine you should use is minimum 3 x 11kg washers & 2 x 16kg dryers. If you have bigger capacity, you can opt for either more machine or bigger machine. Nowadays, the trend is moving toward using extra large 28kg coin washer & 30kg coin dryer as attraction to cater the needs of budget hotel customers, large household, big bulky items, other contract laundry operators. Since budget hotels are everywhere, thus the opportunity is great!

What machine you propose?
Does your commercial wash/dryer machines comes with 1 year warranty?

Income Questions

How much can I expect to earn per month? (Here's the golden questions) 

We can meet up to discuss in detail.

Can you give me a breakdown on all the monthly expenses of a laundry shop?
an you give me a real case study of ACTUAL INCOME of a laundry shop?

Laundry Operation Questions

How long does it take for the coin washer to complete a washing cycle & how much to charge? 

The choice is yours. It can be decided later.

How long does it take for the coin dryer to complete a drying cycle & how much to charge? 
Why it take so long to wash just to wash a load of cloths?
How long does it take for the dryer to dry clothing?

Payment Questions

What payment do you accept?

We accept cash and banker transfer.

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Instawash Pte Ltd (201830446C)
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